About Us

Open Source’s first projects were more revolution than business. NouGit was made to pour fuel on this fire. We’re a distributed group of developers, pirates, geeks and technologists building empowerment tools to progress Free and Open Source Software.

Companies We’ve Worked For

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Token Agency

Our Values

  • Keep Pushing

    At Nougit, we strive for continuous improvement. Relentlessness is part of our DNA. Any great project is never finished, but constantly iterated.

  • We Believe

    • We believe in Empowering Developers
    • We believe in Community
    • We believe in Constant Improvement
    • We believe in Transparency
    • We believe in Product Exceptionalism
  • Want a formula for success? Double your rate of failure.

    | Thomas J Watson, IBM

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The Open Source Development Acceleration Platform launching in 2020.