The Open Source Development Acceleration Platform

Manage Open Source Projects

Smash Bugs Faster &
Get More Feedback

Clear up your bugs faster or pay someone to code review your latest open source project by incentivizing your fans via crowdfunding
crowdfund & manage open source projects
Re-Connect & Build New Communities

Revive Abandoned
Open Source Projects

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a plugin, library, or app that fixes your exact problem but come to find that some code is broken. Now you can incentivize to help revive, fork and accelerate development of abandoned projects.
gain insights
Vet Developers & Projects

Verify & Review Reputation

Track and review reputation open source developers and projects. Earn points and rewards for being an active user in the platform.
vet developers and projects
Gain Insights & Spot Trends

Build with Confidence

Build features that your community has collectively voted for.
build oss communities

How It Works

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The Open Source Development Acceleration Platform launching in 2020.